Putting healthy ageing research into action

We aim to speed up healthcare transformation by connecting local expertise to national academic networks, to generate evidence of what actually works and then apply that to improve care and support for older people in north east London and across the UK.

Our early research activities will focus on understanding local population needs better to scope out and build the foundations for future work, using existing data, remote (digitally enabled) care, self and peer supported care and building health skills and literacy beyond traditional acute health services into social, community and other public sector services.

Community involvement will closely inform the early stages of the work we undertake.

By creating research capacity on healthy ageing and clinical frailty, we will respond to pressing local clinical questions focused on the prevention of poor outcomes such as unwarranted hospital admission in crisis, premature entry into long term social care, unwarranted readmission and avoidable premature death.

We aim to generate research evidence focused on:

  • Preventing frailty and addressing the challenges of multi-morbidity and long-term conditions
  • Informing rehabilitation and recovery following trauma and acute illness
  • Managing long term physical, mental and cognitive health conditions including dementia

Supporting future primary research development into healthy ageing, multimorbidity and clinical frailty to close key knowledge gaps by generating new strategies for addressing these research questions in partnership with local primary and community health and social care services, patients and carers, voluntary and community groups to the benefit of local people and system transformation programmes.

A woman and man looking at a screen with an x-ray on it

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