Putting healthy ageing research into action

The Academic Centre for Healthy Ageing (ACHA) works closely with local people and health and care staff to improve care and support for people as they grow older

About us

We’re developing a world class academic centre focused on:


Creating research capacity and closing knowledge gaps in healthy ageing and clinical frailty to respond to pressing local clinical questions focused on prevention of poor outcomes

and training

Equipping the local health and care workforce with the skills and capabilities required to optimise care for people living with frailty and multimorbidity


Designing optimal systems of care informed directly by ACHA’s research and tailored to individual needs and preferences

Improving care and services for older people by

  • Combining academic and clinical expertise
  • Generating real world evidence of what works
  • Using the evidence to make changes to care and support services
  • Developing the local workforce to implement changes
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ACHA has been designed to speed up health and care transformation by connecting research to frontline care. It's uniquely positioned to deliver real impact locally by transforming how services support people as they grow older while helping reshape and grow the local health and care workforce.

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